Things to Do: Spring Edition

We know winter is not over yet but spring will come real soon! If you’re coming to Seoul, Korea this spring between end of March to April, you might not want to miss these activities!

1. Hiking Namsan Mountain

You can either reach Namsan Tower by shuttle bus or cable cars but in spring, it will be nice to hike all the way up as the cherry blossom trees aligned along the street will make you stop for pictures. It doesn’t take that long, probably around 45 minutes? Especially in the nice weather of average temperature between 10 to 18 degree, it will be a waste to skip this. Travel & being healthy at the same time? Not a bad idea at all!

2. Flower viewing at Garden of Morning Calm

Garden of Morning Calm that’s located nearby Nami Island will have you hearted-eyes. This location is popular among the ladies and those who want that flower backdrop for the gram. Don’t miss thousands of flowers around this park!

3. Picnicking at Yeouido Park

Travel like a local has always been Kimfad Travel’s motto. Spring means picnic to the locals so bring a mat (or get one from Daiso at 5000won), pack some foods or grab some snacks from the convenience store and enjoy relaxing under the thousands of cherry blossoms trees along the Han River at Yeouido Park. Disclaimer: it might get a bit packed so make sure to go early morning or before sunset.

4. Enjoying the rides and view at Everland theme park

A place where families and friends can enjoy, Everland theme park is a must in spring. Every year, they will hold a tulip festival too! Go ahead and feed your adrenaline thirst or be prepared to have a hard time choosing photos for your post after a day trip here.

5. Hunting the seasonal foods and snacks

During spring, companies will release many limited-edition foods and snacks that will be based on cherry blossoms or strawberries like cream bread, potato chips, soda, cakes and popcorn! Since it’s limited edition, some are hard to get.

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